The Education Director oversees primary and secondary education for on-reserve band members. This includes meeting regularly with the Principals of the local schools that our on-reserve youth attend. The Education Director is also responsible for promoting cultural awareness, holistic learning and programming in school curricula. The Education Director is the Mi’kmaq representative of the Annapolis Valley School Board (AVRSB). Currently, the Education Director sits on three AVRSB committees: Education; Human Resources; Race Relations, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Human Rights.

We try to encourage and promote all forms of student success. To ensure learning, on-site computers are available in GFN for students at the GFN store. We also provide tutoring and mentoring programs. We work with mature students to receive their GED and have programs through METs. The Education Director works with the Economic Development Officer, the Native Employment Officer, the Recreation director and the health staff to support all aspects of student learning.

Post-secondary Education (PSE) is administered through the Education Director for all band students. Post-secondary applications must be submitted to the Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq (CMM), and a committee, which includes GFN’s Education Director, assesses the applications. PSE students should direct their questions to Marlene Martin at CMM.  It is imperative that applications for post-secondary education are received by June 15.  Applications after that date will not be accepted.

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