Economic Development

Do something today that makes our community more prosperous tomorrow than it was yesterday

Glooscap Ventures was created in April 2014 as the economic development arm of Glooscap First Nation. It is an independent corporation, governed by a Board of Directors. The intent of Glooscap Ventures is to create business opportunities that will deliver revenue and employment to Glooscap First Nation and its members.

Glooscap Ventures is 100% owned by Glooscap First Nation and any revenues generated are to be returned to Glooscap First Nation. The Chief and Council are responsible for deciding how that revenue is to be used.

Glooscap Ventures currently:

  • Manages the on-reserve business including Glooscap Corner and the Commercial Fisheries.

  • Developing a 27-acre parcel of land called Glooscap Landing along Highway 101 for retail purposes.

  • Researching the expansion of the commercial fisheries operations

  • Researching opportunities in renewable energy

Community Economic Development:

  • If you are a member of Glooscap First Nation and you are interested in starting or expanding your own small business, Glooscap Ventures staff can help you develop a business plan, understand the market and advise on potential funding opportunities.

Other Activities of Glooscap Ventures:

  • Provides two scholarships to Glooscap First Nation youth pursuing post secondary university or community college. Applications go out in May and the recipients are announced at the Glooscap First Nation Annual General Meeting in August.

  • Provide sponsorship and funding to the Elders/Seniors Group, the Glooscap Mi’kmaq Summer Games competitors etc. as funding allows.

Core Values:

  •   Do no harm (to self, to others, the earth) 

  •   Carry the Good Forward (our heritage, skills and ideas)

  •   Leave No Member Behind (young, old, near or far)

  •   Honour Nature’s Gifts (land, animals, sea) 

  •   Be considerate partners (communicate, understand, share, compassion)

If you would like to know more about Glooscap Ventures, please go to or check us out on Facebook at Glooscap Ventures or Glooscap Landing.

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