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Community Mission

Maintaining a sustainable community through our people, for our people.

Community Vision

We are a well-balanced community living according to the seven sacred teachings, committed to the next generations as we work in unity to become a forward thinking, self-sustaining community. We honor our past and look towards our future.

We are a proud First Nation community that strives to make connections with the world around us.

Our Planning Process

Our Comprehensive Community plan process started in 2016. This plan was developed by community members through community engagement sessions, surveys, open houses as well as day to day conversation with the community members. We held 6 formal community engagement sessions,which always included a community meal to help strengthen the community bond with each other. The CCP process allowed community members to plan for their futures and heal from past experiences. This document demonstrates the communities’ dedication to the future of Glooscap and themselves.

Contact & Location

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 4pm